Top 4 Games in This Week

Poppy Playtime 2 Mommy Long Legs Game Online

The fans of Poppy Playtime already know that the seemingly abandoned toy factory turned out to be a lair of terrible monsters. The building was standing half-ruined for many years until one volunteer decided to put the end to horrible rumors circulating around it. He neglected the warning about potential danger and got into a trap. Now the main task of your character is to survive. However, he still does not give up his main plan – to find the truth about one painful event of the past. Lots of people disappeared here one day, and you need to find out who stands behind it.

Who is Mommy Long Legs?

In the first episode of the game, you had to deal with a blue monster. It was Huggy Wuggy, a grinning giant with a scary grin all over his face. He was very treacherous and you had no weapon against him. All you could use to outperform the villain is the wit and logic. But even if you managed to get rid of this antagonist for some time, it is too early to relax. A new enemy immediately pops up on the horizon. And in Poppy Playtime 2 chapter this is Mommy Long Legs! This funny creature is also one of the toys that was produced by the factory. But now the doll is alive! It is a spider – just look at abnormally long legs that easily bend in any direction! Her hair is arranged like noodles and her eyes are bright green. You may mistakenly believe that this new character looks quite peaceful. But think well before you try to make friends with Mommy Long Legs. This chapter comes with plenty of jumpscares, so do not trust anyone too carelessly.

Trick the murderous monster!

Even if your new antagonist looks really cute, do not forget that she will be acting against you! None of the toy factory residents are happy to see you around. So the insane creatures will do all in their power to get rid of you. Mommy Long Legs will use all her abilities to reach and deal with you! So it is time to think about your protection – find the objects you may need to use to stay safe. Also, do not stop solving all the puzzles and quest you receive. If you do it successfully – you will receive a lot of hints that will help you move closer to the final clue to this terrible story. There must be a really shocking truth hidden somewhere around. So it is not surprise, these terrible creatures are so fiercely protecting it. Do your best to reveal all the secrets buried in this gloomy factory. You will love the story full of thrills and threats!

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